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Imagine a more connected workplace

where your people work together effectively

Your people fuel your growth. Recognition fuels your people.

We create more connected workplaces

When employees feel connected, they give their best when they give their best, they make a bigger, better impact on business.

Why does this matter?

Organisations where recognition occurs have 14% better employee engagement, productivity, and customer service.

Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, safer, and more likely to stay.

Companies with high employee engagement show a 19% increase in operating income and almost 28% growth in earnings per share.

A strategic recognition program communicates company values. Top performers look for companies that align with theirs.

Need help building a business case? Download our ebook on 'Why and How to Recognise at work'.

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Creating a more engaged, connected company culture isn't as hard as it sounds

Whether you are a team of 5 or 5,000 we've got something to help you make a big impact with recognition...


Use the RED Toolkit to empower people leaders to build a culture of appreciation in your business.

21-250 employees

Redii recognition software enables high-frequency, peer to peer or manager-led recognition anytime, anywhere.


Our recognition experts can support you through the design and launch of your recognition program.

2,501 +employees

Our enterprise solutions suit organisations with more than 2,500 employees or global workforces.

Are you ready to start recognising?

Meet Redii.

Redii is a simple and intuitive online employee recognition platform that's easy to roll out.

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Recognise anytime, anywhere

Frequent recognition, drives long-term employee motivation and engagement. Redii enables you to recognise your people anytime, anywhere on any device.

Share recognition socially

Sharing and celebrating employee achievements brings your culture to life. Redii displays recognition socially - inviting employees to comment and 'like'.

Give rewards that resonate

Redii provides a shop full of rewards that cater for different needs and interests including travel, experiences, cash gift cards and merchandise.

Track, measure and report

Redii reporting gives you access to the information you need to track the impact employee recognition is having and its ROI against your objectives.

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